Thanks for your years of support...

As announced over one year ago, we have officially shut down PracticeSpot and all related properties, including Please see our original announcement email below:

On December 1st 2012, will be closing down, with the hosted music teacher websites to follow twelve months later. The extended notice is designed to give music teachers with PracticeSpot hosted websites enough time to be able to find alternative hosting.

There are two reasons for this shutdown:

  1. The infrastructure that underpins the websites is ageing, and desperately in need of an update. There are no social media options, and the whole thinglooks very 2004 (and fair enough too…that’s when it was built)—an eternity on the web. There have only ever been two of us here atPracticeSpot, and only one with the skills necessary to bring about such an update; it’s a huge job, and he simply doesn’t have time.
  2. With the developer increasingly tied up with other projects, I’m not comfortable with continuing to offer the service when I cannot personally provide the technical support that customers need. With music teachers depending on their websites professionally, I believe very strongly that all customers should be responded to within 24 hours; unfortunately I don’t have the skills or server access to provide such support.

You're very welcome to email with any questions you might have—this goes through to a new special support system that we have set up that I now also have access to for the next 12 months.

A few questions that we can probably answer for you already though:

Can I keep my old web address?
If you've paid to register your own domain name (eg. then you can transfer that so that you control it. You can then use that domain name for any future website you create.

The process for doing this is in two steps:

First, contact any domain name registrar ( and two of many), and tell them that you want to transfer a domain name. They're very, very used to getting requests like that from people who aren't entirely sure about how it all works—they'll walk you through what's needed.

At some point in that process, they will ask for the answer to a secret question for verification, to prove the domain really does belong to you. You won't know that answer—because we've been in charge of your domain on your behalf—but if you email us at the new support desk, we can find it out for you.

If you didn't purchase your own domain name—so if your address ends in one of our preset domains, such as—then unfortunately the domain will stop working does; you'll need to register a new web address. Again, any domain name registrar or web designer can do that for you.

Can I keep my existing website design, and transfer it somehow?
No. All the websites are hosted on and dependent on databases on our server, which will be going offline as of December 1 2013.

But I still don't know how to make a website...what am I supposed to do now?
There are lots of options, and everything is much, much easier than it used to be a few years ago. Top of the list would be to go to —you can create a free website there, and have it up and running within minutes. Fully one third of all websites being created now are using WordPress; you'll quickly discover that there are reasons for its popularity.

Aren't you disappointed this is necessary?
It took literally thousands of hours of work to put together PracticeSpot and Yes, this is very, very hard. Unfortunately, there isn't an alternative.

What's happening to PracticeSpot's free resources/articles etc.
Most of it—together with plenty of new stuff—is at my new website at This website won't be offering anything I can't personally support, so there won't be any website hosting.

Philip Johnston